Local educational farming project could receive cuts

Funding for a local agriculture program for kids could be getting cut next week.
Rogue Valley Farm to School received news on Monday that the Oregon State Legislature is considering doing away with the program.
It would save nearly 8 million dollars.
The organization connects local schools to farmers and teaches healthy food lifestyles with hands on gardening and cooking activities.
“Its turned out to be an ad-hoc safety net for our communities during Covid-19. Of course nobody predicted that would be the case, but here we are. A million or two million, we can handle that. We cant handle all the funding disappearing”, says Sheila Foster, Executive Director of the program.
The organization is petitioning to continue it’s state funding.
You can learn more about the program at www.rvfarm2school.org.
The Ways and Means sub-committee will begin discussing cuts Thursday.
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