Local motorcycle club buys toys for children

EAGLE POINT, Ore.– A local motorcycle club is hoping to spread some Christmas joy this holiday to young kids across the valley.

The Rogue Valley chapter of the Brother Speed Motorcycle Club raised $6,000 for its second-ever Turkeys and Toys Run. The club donated 47 turkeys already to help feed those less fortunate.

On Saturday, members visited the Eagle Point Walmart where they used the money to buy as many toys as possible. Walmart even donated a gift card for the club to use to purchase more toys.

“Just feels great to give back to the community,” said Ky Waller, one of the members. “Getting people together to do a great thing. It just feels awesome.”

All of the toys will be donated to St. Vincent de Paul. The club says it wants to keep expanding the toy run and it hopes to raise $10,000 next year. The club is also looking at starting another fundraiser in the summer so they can purchase some bicycles to donate to kids.

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