Local company breaks Guinness World Record

Medford, Ore. — The largest cinnamon roll ever baked is right here in Medford.

It was a one-thousand pound cinnamon roll.

Harry & David’s Wolferman’s brand now holds the Guinness World Record.

The president of the company says the record is a good way to showcase the talent and skill throughout Harry & David, but it’s also a good chance to give to charity.

“We really want to show that anyone in the world can be the best at something,” Guinness World Record’s Kaitlin Vesper said.

Harry & David baked goods brand Wolferman’s now holds the Guinness World Record for the largest cinnamon roll ever baked.

The giant roll weighed in at just over a thousand pounds Tuesday evening.

“It’s no small feat. But it’s been very impressive to see the facilities it’s been cooked in, the kitchen and the staff coming together to really make this thing happen,” Vesper said.

Wolferman’s built a custom pan and oven to bake the massive pastry.

It took 700 pounds of dough, and 300 pounds of frosting.

“If you were to have to break a bunch of eggs to make the eggs that go in here, that is over 400 eggs that you’d have to crack and whip, and crack and whip,” Wolferman’s baker Steffanie Wolf said.

The cinnamon roll had to be heavier than 600 pounds to beat the previous record set four years ago in Michigan.

The team also had to prepare it in a standard manner, and keep it hygienic throughout the process.

One of Wolferman’s head bakers says some of the biggest challenges were preventing the roll from burning at the bottom, and making sure it was baked all the way through.

“Not everything goes right. So you’ll have an idea ‘okay let’s try this’ and it doesn’t work. And then somebody else has an idea… And it works. So it’s a real rollercoaster of emotion but it’s really exciting and fun,” Wolf said.

Between sanitation, warehousing, engineering, and so many other branches of the company, it was a team effort.

But after such a rewarding accomplishment, it’s clear the hard work was well worth it.

“I think I’m gonna sleep good tonight!” Wolf said.

For the record to be official, the roll needs to be eaten.

Everyone is welcome to have a taste this weekend at the Pear Blossom Festival.

Proceeds from portions sold will be donated to the Teresa McCormick Center.

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