After 5 years, cemetery falls into disrepair as it awaits new ownership

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. —A 5 year-long battle continues for the ownership of a Klamath Falls cemetery. This comes after numerous complaints of how the owner let the property fall into disrepair for years.

The owner of Eternal Hills Funeral Home & Memorial Gardens, Robert Gordon, lost his license after numerous complaints in 2016. The state of Oregon intervened in 2017 forcing him into bankruptcy.

Over the last few years the state, through a trustee, took control of the property. Last year, the state held an auction for the property. The county, an out-of-state corporation, and Gordon all placed bids.

“It is my belief anyway that Mr. Gordon is not an eligible bidder and should not be able to own the property again and that this should revert back all the way back to the initial openings of bid and that the county would be the owner of the property,” said Commissioner Derrick DeGroot.

Locals with loved ones at Eternal Hills say conditions at the cemetery are only getting worse. They’re frustrated the process has taken 5 years now.

Commissioner DeGroot says he believes the county is the best option to help restore the cemetery.

NBC5 News Reporter Jenna King is a Burbank native. She graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Sports Business. During her time at the U of O, she was part of the student-run television station, Duck TV. She also grew her passion for sports through interning with the PAC 12 Network. When Jenna is not in the newsroom you can find her rooting for her hometown Dodgers, exploring the outdoors, or binging on the latest Netflix release.
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