Albertson’s Shooting Latest

NBC5’s Laura Cavanaugh reports.

Witnesses describe a chaotic and violent scene outside of the West Medford Albertson’s store around 5:20pm Thursday evening.

Ricky Casteneda said “I was like standing right there, waiting for my ride to pick me up” He says the dramatic showdown unfolded just feet in front of him. “They pulled up right in front of me, then you see the cop cars come up and swarm him and he backs up and he hits the pillar. He hits that and then he starts going forward and the cops just start shooting him.”

Andra was on her way to get her evening groceries when she heard 6 to 7 shots fired. “I was just going into the store when everything started happening so I hid.” She hid behind the pillars. “They kept saying ‘stop’ and they had their guns out and he would not stop.”

Chief Tim George, of the Medford Police Department, said “This was an arrest situation involving the deceased subject and there are 2 other subjects who were with that subject.”

Medford Police Chief Tim George says U.S. Marshals were trying to arrest the suspect when 20 year-old James Harrison Georgeson tried to flee.

The U.S. Marshals service is reporting that Georgeson was wanted for a federal probation violation. The original charge, assaulting a Deputy U.S. Marshal back in 2009.

Witnesses said “We saw Jimmy just try to run. He tried to ram them so they had no choice but to draw their weapons and shoot.”

Witnesses say Georgeson was unarmed. Marshals claim the car was a weapon. He was behind the wheel with 2 others in the passenger seats. Chief George said “I have no information that they are being arrested. They are being interviewed. That is all I know at this point.”

Casteneda said “Opening fire in a parking lot is not protecting and serving.” Andra said “It’s Horrible”

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