Alleged Burglar Strikes At 11 Medford Businesses

“They threw the rock through the lower part of the door and it went clear against the counter.”

Ed miller is re-tracing the steps of a manhe says made him feel like a victim in his own shop for the first time in nearly five decades.

“He was in the cash drawer and there was a little bit of money in there not much and he got that and went through some other drawers….and… know…. you feel violated,” says Miller.

Miller’s not the only one feeling violated. Police say 47-year-old Jerry Newton McDonald broke into ten other Medford businesses in just two weeks.

Lieutenant Mike Budreau says he threw a rock to smash through windows and get in.

“This case was unusual in that we had several burglary cases in a short amount of time and more importantly is that a lot of the cases were similar,” says Budreau.

Police this charity was McDonald’s first victim. Employees at the habitat for humanity re-store say he stole several computersand used one of their orientations to case the place out.

“A volunteer had gone through videos of the night our burglary happened and found that the person had been in the building earlier that day and had attended an orientation so we had all of his information so we gave it to the police and they found him,” says Sarah Primerano.

Police arrested McDonald back on December seventh on an unrelated warrant out of Montana. Using Habitat’s video police say they realized their serial burglar was already in jail.

“We’re really relieved that the person has been caught and we’re really just hoping to get our computers back at this point,” says Primerano.

McDonald is facing additional charges including out of state fugitive, eight counts of burglary in the second degree,and seven counts of criminal mischief.

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