Almeda Fire cleanup nears completion as Right of Entry forms for victims are due

PHOENIX, Ore — The Right of Entry form deadline for Almeda Fire victims is Monday, as the state nears completion of the cleanup in Phoenix and Talent.

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I am very pleased with the progress this has made, and the areas are looking much much better.” John Vial, director of Jackson County Emergency Operations Center, said. “We’re now at the six month mark, and we are well on our way to finishing it.”

Vial says the state is more than 90% complete of the total cleanup in the two cities. It began work in January this year, and was given a timeframe of about 6-18 months.

Right of Entry allows the state to clean up property owners’ site of hazardous items and debris for free.

The state has about 200 eligible homes left to complete. Owners who have yet to file the forms, will have to clean and pay for it themselves, once contractors move out of the area.

“They can use the nuisance abatement process or code enforcement process to kind of force the cleanup,” Vial said. “We don’t want to see property owners get there, they suffered enough already.”  

Information about the process can be found in the link above or here: WILDFIRE.OREGON.GOV/CLEANUP or by calling: 503-934-1700

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