Arson in White City impacts a family of four

White City, Ore.- Colonial Mobile Estates is on edge, tonight after a string of arsons. Jackson County Sheriff’s Office says someone is targeting the community.

Two arsons were set in a the mobile home park over the last two weekends.

Today NBC5 News spoke with the Espinoza family who lives in one of the targeted homes. They say they’re worried about the crime. And last week, what seemed like a typical Thursday night for them, turned into anything but that.

They looked outside to lock their car before heading to bed and they saw flames.

The back, left mud flap of their new truck was on fire. The person who started it was nowhere to be found.

And as the Espinoza’s watched in shock a Good Samaritan rushed to their car and stopped the fire from spreading.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the Espinoza’s first time dealing with crime in their neighborhood. Just a few months ago someone stole Juan Espinoza’s battery out of his car.

For the Espinoza’s, getting their car window smashed in a month ago was the last straw. They put up security cameras around their double wide trailer.

Now the Espinoza’s are trying to see if they can create a clearer picture of who did this to them.

Juan Espinoza had his tech savvy son try to clear up the image of the arsonist on the security cam footage. He says they may take the video to the Jackson County Sheriffs to get help. But right now their bigger concern is how crime like this could impact their kids.

“It makes me nervous because you never know what could happen,” Juan Espinoza says.

And the Espinoza’s have a message for the person responsible. That what he did is not right.

The second arson that was set this weekend was a few houses down. That arson also involved a car.
at this point, no one has been hurt in the fires.

Since the Espinoza’s tire flap was set on fire they’ve bought four more fire extinguishers. And they told NBC5 News that they’re really hoping they never have to use them.

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