Courtesy: Christopher Briscoe

Ashland photographer captures devastation in Ukraine

MEDFORD, Ore. —An Ashland photographer is capturing the devastation as it unfolds in the Ukraine region. He believes all his life experiences have led him up to this world event.

Documenting everyday moments has been a big part of Ashland photographer Christopher Briscoe’s life. He’s photographed people everywhere, from the Rogue Valley, to Hollywood movie stars, and everything in between. He’s been a photographer for the last 40 years.

When he was offered the opportunity to go to Ukraine, he says he made the decision almost instantaneously. He says he’s staying a few miles west of the Ukrainian border. Briscoe says after being there for just a few weeks, it has been the most rewarding experience for him.

Each day he gets to share stories of inspiration and tragedy. These are just a few of the photos he has captured. He says at the end of every single interview he does, the message is the same from the Ukrainian people he’s talking to.

“They always say, I wanna go home, I wanna go back to my house, I wanna go back to my family, I want my life back, and walking down the street they look like anybody in the Rogue Valley but in an instant, their life their identity who they were who they wanna be everything is cut short,” said Briscoe.

The group he went with has returned home already, but he says he canceled his ticket back. He says he can’t bring himself to leave just yet.

To keep up with Briscoe’s travels, you can find him on Facebook, at Christopher Briscoe.

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