Ashland woman seeking help following city caused sewage damage in 2022

ASHLAND, Ore — An Ashland woman is continuing to seek answers and help, following a sewage backflow last year that caused major damage to her home.

On October 30th, 2022, Tish Way said she found thousands of gallons of sewage throughout her home on the 200-block of North First St. The backflow destroyed food, furniture, family photos and other personal belongings.

Much of the interior of the home was stripped as well.

“Everything had to be removed and the wall had to be taken out,” Way said. “It’s an emergency that the [City of Ashland] is ignoring.” 

Way also had an extra room that was rented out. On top of being displaced, Way said she is missing out on critical rent payments. 

About a week after the incident, Way was contacted by an insurance agent on behalf of the city of Ashland, who acknowledged the city took responsibility.

Way noted that she was presented an offer from the city to cover the damages of around $120,000. However, the actual estimate is about $250,000 according to Way.

The insurance agent allegedly told her, that it’s unable to cover the full amount because of a state law capping the amount allowed.

Way said she can’t accept the offer, because the city may be able to cover the full amount including medical and lawyer fees. But she claims the councilors have yet to discuss the situation months after.

“I’ve been addressing the city council, and asked numerous times for financial assistance,” Way said. “So far I’ve received nothing from the city. I don’t understand why the [councilors] won’t connect with me about this.” 

In an email, the city of Ashland informed NBC5 that it cannot comment on the claim because of the pending litigation.

Way has set up a Go-FundMe to help cover the mounting costs. The link can be found here: “Do the right thing” City of Ashland

This remains a developing story and this post will be updated with more details as it becomes available.

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