Athlete breaks state records months after severe injury

Medford, Ore. –Olympic weightlifting athlete Shane Sevcik is making quite the comeback with two new state records. The Medford man is back in the gym and stronger than ever, but just seven months ago he was in the hospital researching prosthetic limbs. Doctors told him he could lose a foot.

“That night I was on my iPad and I was actually doing Google searches about prosthetic feet and seeing if I could lift weights on a prosthetic foot,” he said.

Sevcik’s feet and ankles were injured after he was run over by a Dodge diesel truck. The truck rolled over his right foot, then parked on his left ankle.

His foot was crushed, but after multiple surgeries and rehab Sevcik was back on his own two feet and competing sooner than anyone expected.

This weekend Sevcik broke two state records at an Olympic weightlifting meet in Portland, making him the strongest man in his age division less than a year after his severe injury. He holds the clean and jerk record at 162 kilograms. The total weight of his clean and jerk and snatch, 285 kilograms, is also a new record.

The athlete is no stranger to competition. In 2014 Sevcik placed fourth in a world Olympic weightlifting competition in Denmark. Now, he’s training to represent Team USA and Oregon at another world meet in Germany.

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