Bear spotted in Ashland garden

ASHLAND, Ore. – A local woman spotted a bear cub in her garden the day after it was caught dipping its feet in her swimming pool.

Vanessa Bosma said on June 12, she had to chase the bear from her three-acre property by using a bear whistle and boat horn. While the bear didn’t appear to be too bothered, it got up from Bosma’s pool and walked away to other homes on Ashland Loop Road.

The next day, the bear was back. This time, it was foraging in Bosma’s garden. She explained the bear has been hanging around her neighborhood looking for food for the past two or three weeks.

Bosma said she’s not afraid, as the bear has never been aggressive and doesn’t have a large mother with it. However, after recalling an incident where a bear entered a neighbor’s house, Bosma said the interactions with wildlife are concerning, particularly in her neighborhood where people walking through may be unaware of their proximity to bears.

According to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Oregon is black bear country. Homeowners need to do their part to keep bears wild by preventing the animals from accessing food. To learn more about bears and bear safety, visit

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