California governor implements statewide mask requirement

YREKA, Cali. – Thursday evening, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced a face mask mandate for the entire state requiring Californians to wear face coverings in many public situations.

NBC5 News spoke with some Yreka residents and while most people tell us that while health and safety is important the government shouldn’t be mandating a mask.

“I have mixed emotions about it,” said Larry Schneider’s reaction after hearing the governor’s announcement.

Gov. Newson said beginning Thursday masks are now required in many public places across the entire state of California. Encompassing much more than Schneider’s small town of Yreka.

“If my job requires me to wear it that’s different, but to be out doing my own thing. No, it should not have to be,” said Perry Kelley.

The governor’s mandate requires that everyone wear a face covering when inside a public space or in a line to enter an indoor space. The mandate involves health care facilities, including veterinary clinics and most public transportation. Workers will also be required to wear masks in a number of settings or when social distancing isn’t possible. The governor also says masks should be worn in outdoor public spaces when physical distancing is not possible.

Barbara Saran says she understands the mandate for high populated areas, like San Francisco and even Sacramento. But adds, Siskiyou County only has 21 cases.

“It’s understand in the bigger cities because it’s a more populated area. They have more confirmed cases and more deaths from the COVID than we do,” said Saran.

That being said, Saran says she understands the need for masks.

“If you go into the big stores, like Costco or Wal-Mart I think that it would be okay,” said Saran.

This is a hot button issue, with varying viewpoints, but one thing nearly everyone NBC5 News spoke to agreed with is Siskiyou County shouldn’t be treated the same as LA or San Francisco.

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