Car theft victim warns owners of older model Hondas

Medford, Ore. — Meaghan Lambert said on Tuesday she woke up to find an empty space where her car should have been parked.

“I’ve owned that car since I was 16 years old,” said Lambert.

“[It had] a lot of sentimental value attached to it and that’s what hurts,” she continued.

Lambert said her 1998 red, Honda Civic coupe was stolen sometime in the early hours of Tuesday morning in the 3100 block of Forest Hills Drive in Medford.

“I feel violated,” said Lambert.

She said the officer who took her report said her neighbor’s Civic was stolen too, on the same night, out of the same parking lot.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, nationally older model Honda Civics are the second most stolen cars — behind Honda Accords. In Oregon, the 1992 Honda Accord was the most stolen car, followed by the 1995 Honda Civic.

Sergeant Brent Mak with the Medford Police Department said they’ve seen an uptick in stolen Honda Civics.

Lambert, who just moved to Medford to attend Southern Oregon University, now knows too well the truth in the statistics.

“I feel defeated,” said Lambert.

“We’ve had our bikes stolen twice off our front porch that was locked and now my car in less than two months,” she said.

Now without her car to get to school or her job, Lambert said she just hopes someone saw something.

Lambert said she hopes her story will make community member more alert and watchful so they can help prevent crime from happening.

She said she had wine country Oregon plates on her car with the number 19628.

Because she just moved from Washington state, she had Washington plate AHW-2139 inside the car as well.

Call police if you see her car or anything suspicious.

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