Central Point home turns into Halloween light display

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — What do you get when a mechanical engineer meets Halloween? A light show made up of roughly 9,000 lights all choreographed to themed music.

“I’m an engineer by trade. I’m kind of a nerd, so just tried to take it to the extreme,” Richie Miles, homeowner, said.

Richie Miles built a light show in his front yard in a Central Point neighborhood. He started putting up lights for Christmas when he first moved into the house three years ago.

“Last year I had like 3,000 lights. This year I’ll have about 9,000,” Miles said.

Now, he has added music and a separate show for Halloween.

“I put together the playlist, I do all the sequences and then yeah, it broadcasts on the radio station. I have a little transmitter in my garage,” Miles said.

Even with an engineering background, it’s no small feat. Miles started building the Halloween display in July.

“Everything is built and designed here and then I take a picture of it and then I put it all into my computer and then I program it into my computer and I can address like each bulb individually and tell it what color to turn. It’s a lot of work,” Miles said.

But the show doesn’t stop when October ends. It will just go from spooky — to merry.

“I’ll add more stuff for Christmas and it’ll be different music. Obviously, ‘This is Halloween’ wouldn’t be a good one,” Miles said.

Right now, he says it’s a one-man show, but Miles is hoping when his kids get a little older, they’ll lend a helping hand.

The light show will run through Christmas from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. They ask visitors are respectful of neighbors by not blocking driveways and keeping the music down.

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