Changes are coming to some of Medford’s main roads

Medford, Ore.-Medford Public Works has received the green light to a upgrade a few of the city’s most traveled roads.

East McAndrews, East Jackson Street, and the intersection of Riverside and Stewart. The project started small, with funding for the safety changes coming from the state. But, it quickly grew. Medford received an ll roads Traffic Safety Grant. The city is combining the original grant, and the Traffic Safety Grant together into one project.

The purpose of the grants are simple-to increase safety and decrease congestion.

Cory Crebbin, who’s The Director of Public Works in Medford, says drivers will notices some of the biggest changes along Jackson Street.

“The area between Central and Biddle that’s four lanes; that will become a three lane facility,” Crebbin says.

And then there’s the traffic lights. There will be no more glowing green circles for left turns.

“We’re replacing them with the flashing yellow arrow for a left turn. So that you know you can make a left turn but that you have to yield which just the green ball doesn’t always make clear.”

And at the intersection of Stewart and Riverside the city will be improving the lenses in the traffic signals to make them easier to see and they will be putting in advance warning beacons to let you know there’s a signal up ahead.

Because of the relatively short rush hour and light traffic flow in Medford, Crebbin says the changes wont be too difficult to make.

And if you’re concerned about traffic getting worse, Crebbin says there’s one thing he wants you to know. That traffic disruptions during the safety changes will be minimal

ODOT will likely help with the safety projects.

NBC5 News continue to follow the progress of the changes and keep you updated about the timeline.

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