Copeland Auction

The Copeland yard in Murphy was electrified with hundreds of people looking to get their hands on big machines.

Last December, we broke the unfortunate news that hundreds of Copeland employees would be out of work.

“You know it’s just a boat with holes in it and we are sinking, ” said Mark May, who worked for Copeland for 16 years.

The Grants Pass employer posted one million dollar loses for three consecutive years.

Employees were laid off and more than 700 of the company’s machines, from bulldozers to loaders, were auctioned off by Ritchie Brothers Auctioneers.

“What are you looking to buy Conveyors and crushing equipment, said” a business owner looking to bid.

The auction brought business owners near and far. We met one from Idaho.

“I chip seal roads and build roads,” said Cliff Daniels, owner of construction business.

Many of the people we spoke with were in some way related to the construction industry.

They were also prepared to spend thousands of dollars.

“After everything is said and done today, I expect there will be about 7 and half million dollars worth of commerce,” said Craig Mills, Manager Regional Operations with Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers.

Auction organizers say Copeland will receive a check for 85 perfect of what was sold. 15-percent goes to Richie Brothers for organizing, collecting money, and managing the auction.

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