Court docs uncover new details in Medford motel murder

 MEDFORD, Ore. — Court documents uncovered by NBC5 News moments before they were sealed to the public show new details in a Medford motel murder case.

Justin Yaeger, 33, was arraigned in Jackson County court on murder charges Monday. Police said Yaeger murdered 23-year-old Sierra Bree Clemens of Grass Valley, California. In a court document, it was written that someone near the Tiki Lodge Motel reported hearing noises that sounded like a woman was being raped or hurt.

“They attempted to get into the door with a pass key but the door was chain locked,” said Medford Police Lieutenant Mike Budreau.

Police say once they got into the room they heard sexual noises coming from a phone.

“At the same time they were making entry, they heard what sounded like a person jumping out of a small window in the bathroom,” Lt. Budreau said.

Clemens was found in the bathroom with injuries to her head and neck.

“Officers pretty much enveloped the area and began doing a search,” Budreau said. “We had a K-9 on duty at the time, which proved to be very valuable.”

The K-9 leading them right to the suspect hiding in a dumpster nearby.

Yaeger faces charges of aggravated murder and murder, but it was also unveiled that Yaeger was recently arrested Talent on April 20th. He pleaded guilty on April 22nd and was sentenced to 15 days with credit for time served. Had Yaeger served the full 15 days in jail from the day of his arrest on the 20th, he would have been on released May 4. He was not in jail that day, because he was arrested on murder charges on May 3.

NBC5 News requested more information on his jail stay and found he was released from the jail on April 26— just three days after receiving his sentence.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office said Yaeger was released to the community justice work center, but provided no details as to why.

NBC5 News called Community Justice Director Eric Guyer, he would not tell us when Yaeger was released from the work center, saying he is involved in an ongoing investigation.

This is a developing story, stay with NBC5 News for updates.

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