Daniel Hinkle Back to Life

Just before 2:30 last Thursday afternoon, Eagle Point sophomore Daniel Hinkle ran up a ramp during PE class, then collapsed at the feet of Diana Swopes. Eagle Point Principal Allen Barber says “he had a siezure and collapsed right at her feet, so she held his hand and he squeezed back” While Swopes sent for help Saniel’s seizure stopped, but so did his heart. The Principal says “He was actually not with us for 5 to 8 minutes.” That sent a group of 4 into action, using the automated external defibrillator they worked to get Daniel breathing once again. One of those 4, School Resource Officer Mike Anselmi says “it said ready for charge and then I actually had to shock him and it stablized his heart and we started doing compression…it was a relief after he took his first breathe.” He was breathing, but wasn’t done fighting for his life. Daniel’s mother says “he was siezing for 5 hours straight, it wasn’t until a day and a half later before he came around and gained consciousness”

Daniel was released from a Portland hospital today, but couldn’t be there today as the story was retold.

But his mother was and it was her first opportunity to thank the 4 heroes who helped save her son’s life.

“As soon as I saw them I just wanted to touch them and hug them for saving my son’s life..” The tears flowed as all 4 were honored by the school district for what it called a near perfect response to the emergency.

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