Data shows dramatic difference in COVID-19 effects in Oregon’s population depending on vaccination status

JACKSON COUNTY, Ore. —Jackson County, leading the state once again Friday with new Covid cases, we had 141. The next closest county in Oregon had 94.

This comes as we look at new data, showing how much more likely you are to have severe Covid-19 symptoms if you’re unvaccinated.

The data comes from the Oregon Health Authority and the Kaiser Family Foundation. They show people who are unvaccinated, are more likely to not only get sick, but to go to the hospital, and to die from the disease.

“It really comes down to vaccination,” said Jackson County Public Health Director, Dr. Jim Shames.

Between January 1st and June 30th of this year, when 52% of the state was vaccinated, 1 in 1,242 vaccinated Oregonians got Covid 19. This compares to just 1 in 19 unvaccinated Oregonians.

The data from the first 6 months of the year coming from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

It also shows during that time, 1 in over 11,600 vaccinated Oregonians needed to be hospitalized with Covid. This was compared to just 1 in 310 in the unvaccinated population.

“The antibody protection that you’ve built up to due to vaccination is able to modify the seriousness of the disease,” said Dr. Shames.

Kaiser says 1 in over 202,000 vaccinated Oregonians died. In the unvaccinated group, 1 in 1,429 unvaccinated Oregonians died.

But like all vaccines, 100% protection isn’t guaranteed, breakthrough cases do happen, they just don’t usually result in serious illness.

“Breakthrough cases is a real thing, it’s becoming pretty clear that it’s becoming more common than we were hoping it would be,” said Dr. Shames.

Data from the Oregon Health Authority says 19%of new covid cases in July were people who were fully vaccinated. But 90% of severe cases requiring hospitalization that month, occurred in people who were unvaccinated.

Only 7% of breakthrough cases required hospitalization, and 1% died.

“My hope is that those that are still questioning, still on the fence about vaccination would take this opportunity to protect themselves and their loved ones because it’s never been more important than right now,” said Dr. Shames.

If you’re interested in getting your free vaccination, contact your primary care physician or your county’s health department.

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