Deputies patrolling rural areas for speeding

Jackson County, Ore. — Deputies in Jackson County, are cracking down on drivers with a lead foot.

Each month, the sheriff’s office picks a new area to focus its efforts.

In June, it’s Wimer.

On Monday, deputies cited a driver on West Evans Creek Road for going 75 miles per hour in a 45 mile per hour zone.

Sergeant Julie Denney says some of the worst accidents deputies see are on rural roads.

“A lot of the times there aren’t a lot of vehicles on the road so people get used to driving fast on those roads, but then when you add more traffic, it becomes a greater nuisance for everybody,” Sergeant Julie Denney said.

In addition to stopping vehicles for driving too fast, Sergeant Denney says deputies will find people driving without a license, and sometimes they’ll catch people with a warrant out for their arrest.

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