Despite family pleas, man sentenced to 17 years for Kelso murder

0919-brandon-wrightKelso, Wash. — Rogue Valley resident Trevor Bushey’s father was stabbed 53 times in his Kelso, Washington home back in 1994.

The case was cold until this spring when Brandon David Wright walked into a Utah police station and confessed.

Wright told Bushey he was young, on the run from police and on drugs when the murder happened. He later graduated college, had a career and started a family.

“A lot of people say that now that you know what happened, you have closure. It’s like you don’t it doesn’t really give you closure,” said Bushey. “But being able to forgive him, meet him face to face and forgive him gives you closure.”

Wright was sentenced on Monday in a Washington state courtroom to 17 years in prison. Bushey had asked lawyers to give him the minimum sentence, which would have been 12 years.

NBC5 asked the prosecuting attorney why Bushey’s wishes weren’t followed. He refused to comment.

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