Downtown Medford welcomes ‘Poker Room’

Medford, Ore. — Downtown Medford is welcoming a brand new business, and a different way for folks to socialize, beginning this weekend.

“The biggest city in Southern Oregon just passed social gaming, it’s been a long long time,” Flangas said.

Flangas has owned the Ashland Social Poker Club for three years. Now downtown Medford has another attraction besides the bars and restaurants; Flangas is cashing in on a new ordinance passed by the City Council.

“When Medford passed social gaming here in July, I was ready to expand, open up a new market.”

Saturday, the doors of the Medford Social Club Poker Room are officially opening at noon, dealing an entirely new hand to the downtown area, which has been gaining momentum as a thriving night life scene.

“We’re actually the largest poker room south of Portland,” Flangas said.

With six tables that each seat nine players, Flangas can host up to 54 players at a time. But he noted it’s not just about cards.

“We’re actually getting a 22-foot shuffleboard, we have a pool table, we play backgammon, chess, anything you could name.”

With beer on tap and a few select food items, it’s 21 years or older to get in the door. The business will be open seven days a week, from 5:30 PM on.

“We have a great community, all of us are friends, it’s a social event, and i just want to make sure everyone has a good time,” Flangas said.

To play, you’ll have to buy in at a minimum of $40. You can also become a member for $40 a year.

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