Eviction Showdown

A veteran marine and father of four who is refusing to leave his Riverside, California home despite facing eviction is making what could be his last stand.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department gave Art De Los Santos and his wife Magdalena until 6:01 a.m. Tuesday to leave the home.

So far they haven’t.

The family reoccupied the residence in December after it was put up for auction.

De Los Santos has been battling with the banks since 2009, when they initially lowered his payment in a modification but then stopped taking his money, he said.

“You hear about robo-signing, Freddie Mac betting against the homeowners, these executives make millions of dollars and all we want is to make our mortgage payment and keep our home, and it’s hard to understand why they don’t want to help you,” he said.

Protesters who have taken up the family’s cause have set up tents and signs in front of the home.

Once deputies arrive they will give the family 30 minutes to clear out before changing the locks.

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