Family and Friends Mourn James Georgeson Jr.

The life of 20-year-old James Georgeson was celebrated by about 100 of his family and friends Saturday afternoon at Rogue Valley Fellowship in Medford.

Taylor Lane, Georgeson’s girlfriend, said she was happy to see so many people coming out to show their love.

“I’m glad so many people are here today because I know he’s looking down and seeing all the faces and now knows how many people really did love and care about him,” said Lane.

Georgeson was shot and killed by Federal Marshals earlier this month in the West Medford Albertson’s parking lot after Marshals said Georgeson used his car as a weapon and tried to get away.

“It hasn’t quite hit me, I’m waiting for it to hit me,” said Lane about Georgeson’s death.

But friends and family attending the memorial didn’t focus on the night Georgeson died. Instead they remembered his life.

A family member who spoke at the memorial said, “He had a keen sense of humor, he was a smart kid, kind, he was very loyal to his friends and family.”

“Love you Jimmy and we’ll see you in our own time, love your cousin, Ashley, January 2012,” said another family member as she read a personal letter to Georgeson to the crowd.

Lane said she and Georgeson were the best of friends and she’ll remember him forever.

“He was my boyfriend, he was my first love and we became best friends,” said Lane.

“He’ll always have a huge part of my life, always i’ll never forget Jimmy,” she continued.

Those who cared about him said while they’re mourning his death, they’re also determined to remember his life.

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