Fire District 3 encourages pet owners to prepare for emergency

WHITE CITY, Ore – In case of an emergency, Jackson County Fire District 3 is recommending pet owners put together emergency plans for animals.

The agency found people were concerned that if something were to happen, their pets would be forgotten. They are giving away pet safety stickers for residents to put by their front door to notify emergency personnel of any animals.

“Often times when we are responding to different people and we are going inside their home, they list like medication and different things on their refrigerator, so maybe just adding an extra line too of someone we can contact,” Ashley Blakely, Fire District 3, said.

Stickers can be picked up at Fire District 3.

The agency also recommends making an emergency kit for animals complete with the following:

• Food and water for at least 3 days
• Leash/lead rope
• Pet carrier if possible
• Vaccination records
• Medications/first aid kit
• Toys & treats
• Sanitation supplies
• Current picture of your animal/s

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