Fire officials: Close your doors, stay safe from fire

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 MEDFORD, Ore. — A Medford home was saved from going up in flames this week, all thanks to one simple decision.

Because of synthetic materials, furniture and construction, fire now spreads faster than ever before. Now, fire officials are stressing the importance of closing your doors after a home was saved from flames.

“It can save your kids or your loved ones,” said Melissa Cano with Medford Fire-Rescue. “It can act as your line of defense, if you will.”

A fire-rated door between the garage and the living space saved a home on Deer Ridge Road this week. The homeowner made the quick decision to close it as he was evacuating.

“It’s a night and day difference,” Cano said.

A fire-rated door can sustain heat, but simply closing any type of door can make all the difference when fire is in your home.

“Close your doors at night, close your doors when you’re leaving for work,” Cano said. “Make sure that all of those doors that can lead to hallways or bedrooms stay closed as often as possible.”

The difference could mean losing a little or everything you have.

“We know it’s scary for parents with little ones to keep those doors closed when you go to bed at night,” Cano said. “It helps minimize any damage that could potentially happen from a fire. Keeping doors closed, keeps fires small,” said Cano.

Closing your doors is so important that the national “Close Your Door” initiative was created. For more information, visit

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