Flooding And Hail In Southern Oregon

Photos of hail and flooding in Central Point and Hugo came into the NBC 5 newsroom

At around 3:30 pm heavy rainfall dropped dime sized hail and flooding roughly a foot of water.

“It was the most intense storm me or my staff have seen in six years of being in this building.”

Business owners in Central Point dealt with the flash flood in their driveways and parking lots but say they didn’t mind the mini storm.

“It’s just nature.”

Jerry White owner of Jerry’s Custom Meats was ready with his shovel to scoop out the 6 foot deep flood in his driveway.

“It was good one almost flooded into the back door.”

NBC 5’s meteorologist Adam Colpack says we’re seeing this weather just for now, it should be gone within a couple of days.

“I’m glad for the fires it keeps the fire danger down.”

Much needed moisture after a dry summer which caused thousands of acres to burn in Southern Oregon after lightning strikes.

This time just a whole lot of water.

We talked to Fire District 3 and they said there were a couple of small lightning sparked fires but with moisture they’ve been extinguishedimmediately.

And Douglas Countyreceivedover 500 lightning strikes that did cause a few fires but were also put out because of the rain.

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