Foothill Road to see upgrades in coming years

Jackson County, Ore. — A notoriously dangerous stretch of road in Jackson County could see some safety upgrades.

Director John Vial with Jackson County Roads says the majority of accidents on Foothill and North Phoenix Road are due to human behavior.

Whether it be speeding, distracted driving, or impaired driving, he says the sheriff’s office often states the tragic accidents that happen on the road are a result of poor choices by drivers.

However, the road still isn’t up to current road standards, so the county is conducting a few projects in the coming years.

The projects include adding intersections, shoulders, as well as making the road more straight and flat.

“If you make a mistake on that road — which drivers make mistakes — it’s fairly unforgiving. You’re into a ditch, you could hit a tree… So what these projects will do is by adding shoulders and making the roads flatter and straighter, it’ll make the road safer from the standpoint that it’s more forgiving,” Vial said.

The specific sections that will be addressed are from Delta Waters to Dry Creek Road, Dry Creek Road to Vilas, and Vilas to Cory.

The first of which will start in 2020.

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