Fry Family Farm Store Opens

FRY FARM PICMedford, Ore. — Rogue Valley residents who have been farming for more than twenty years are opening a family store. The Fry Family Farm Store welcomed customers for the first time on Sunday.

Organic fruits and vegetables, pies, jam, and flowers are just a few things the store stocks. They also served wood-fired oven pizza for free on Sunday, made with their homemade pizza crust and veggies.

Family members said they’ve been busy since the doors opened in the morning.

“There’s so many more people than we had ever expected, we thought there would be five people, but we’re slammed, super busy, and so thankful that community is coming out here to support us,” Terra Fry said.

The Fry Family Farm Store is located on 2184 Ross lane in Medford. They’ll be open from Wednesday through Sunday, 10 to 6.

This article has been updated to show the address of the farm.

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