Gas prices go up as of today in California


Yreka, Ca.- Gas prices in California went up today on both regular and diesel.

One former California resident, stopping in Yreka for gas on his way home to Washington, says, “It’s insane.”

That former California resident is 65-year-old Michael White.

“I just feel sorry for anyone in California,” White says.

Michael White left California and decided to move north to Washington, in favor of a cheaper cost of living up there.

He says that with gas prices going up $0.12 a gallon for regular gasoline and $0.20 a gallon for diesel, he wished he had waited to get gas until when he had reached Oregon as he made the long trek home from Mexico to Washington.

The increase in gas per gallon is a tax meant to help improve road infrastructure. White says that he respects that but he’s not quite sure that it will happen.

White tells NBC5 News, “This is just another deep pocket for some other group”

Michael White thinks California should take a note from Oregon and Washington’s road plans. He feels that road infrastructure is better in both states compared to California.

When it comes to the spike in diesel costs, White feels for diesel users since he owns several diesel trucks. He says that he bought those diesel trucks because originally the fuel was so inexpensive, but now White says that he’s confused about the $0.20 spike in diesel costs per gallon, and he worries how the increase will impact business.

“I don’t know what your governor is thinking about interstate commerce and travel for trucks,” White says, “Those poor guys who pay enough money for diesel fuel.”

As he gears up to continue on his drive home to Washington, White says that he’s going to do things differently the next time he drives through California.

“I will carry gas cans when i come to California.”

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