Horses Allegedly Poisoned

Two horses are dead after apparently being poisoned as a result of an ongoing dispute between neighbors in the Sprague River area.

Nadine Hoy of ‘Project Spirit’ got a call back in January from a woman who said that her two horses had been poisoned… “The horses were in big trouble. Were in terrible trouble. They were dying.”

Hoy says that Arabian geldings ‘Baby’ and ‘Pepper’ were in bad shape.

“It took an awful lot of something to put that horse in that condition.” Hoy adds that the horses failed to respond after four days of treatment. “And they were euthanized because there was no help for them.”

The victim in the case wants to remain anonymous. Hoy explains that the woman is worried that her neighbors may retaliate further.

“There’s a lot of things she told us, and a lot of it is ‘he said, she said’ – I understand that – but I saw the damage done to those horses, and her property – and it was obscene. It was terrible.”

Police have now seen the documentation of the abuse on: and say they’ll be investigating further… But Hoy stresses the police are not at fault.

“The law enforcement at this point is really in trouble. We need more police officers… So, we have to watch out for each other. That’s my point on this. That’s why I put it on the website.”

Hoy noted that the woman fell very ill after she stayed in the field with her horses to protect them. Marti Baird of the Women’s Clinic in Klamath Falls helped nurse the woman back to health, at no charge.

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