Howiee’s employee speaks out about altercation video gone viral

MEDFORD, Ore. – A former employee of Howiee’s on Front is speaking out after a video of the bar’s security team caused concern online.

The incident happened early Saturday morning just outside the bar in Medford and it was all caught on camera. The video was recorded via Facebook Live. It shows several security guards trying to arrest a man. Witnesses said it’s a result of what was happening inside the bar.

The man who recorded the video, Rodell Fullilove Jr., said, “Walking through a crowd, and it was a mosh pit happening. I’m not thinking anyone knew it was a mosh pit happening and so everybody was getting pushed. So the security guard came and started to push us out.”

The man was booked into the Jackson County Jail and charged with disorderly conduct.

After the incident, NBC5 News sat down with a former Howiee’s bartender who said the video doesn’t surprise her. “Security–they take it upon themselves to act out in such a way that is disgusting to me.”

Autumn Snyder told NBC5 News she was “wrongfully terminated” earlier this year after about six months of employment. During that time, she claims she witnessed questionable behavior from security.

Snyder explained, “At the end of the night if there was any sort of action, it was like it was laughed upon–the more action the better.”

Snyder said she doesn’t think she’ll be the last. “It happens so often down there and it’s just shoved underneath the rug among hundreds of other things that happens inside the bar.”

But she’s thankful to the man who shot the Facebook Live for having the courage to post about it. “Finally, somebody got something for it to be said.”

She hopes the video will open the public’s eyes. “I really hope this session brings all of that to light because it is so important.”

NBC5 News reached out to Howiee’s on Front. The bar says it has no comment at this time.

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