Hundreds walk to end Alzheimer’s

Medford, Ore. — Hundreds of people lacing up their shoes today, gathering in Hawthorne park to fight Alzheimer’s.

It’s the fourth annual “Walk to End Alzheimer’s” Around 800 people participated to help find a cure for the brain disease that causes memory loss.

It’s the Alzheimer’s Associations biggest event of the year and this is just one of six walks taking place across Oregon.

“Most people have had some exposure to the disease and have seen the devastation that the disease causes and I think that we all just really want a cure so we’re going to be out there fighting for it,” said Regional Coordinator Lori Stanton.

All the money raised will go to research and resources for families of loved ones diagnosed with the disease.

Organizers say they hope today’s walk brings in 75,000 dollars.

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