Kid Time planning expansion in Carnegie Building

Medford, Ore. — Kid time is starting to develop its transition plan, following a vote by the Medford City Council Thursday night. It approved a proposal to move the organization from Central Avenue to the Carnegie Building.

“It really is just the perfect spot for us,” Executive Director Sunny Spicer said.

The lease could be around 50 years. Spicer said they couldn’t have found a better fit.

“Right in the middle of town, there’s lots of outdoor space, there’s lot of access to our partners around that area, lots of children that live in that space,” Spicer said.

Kid Time has been working with organizations like the Family Nurturing Center, along with local foster families, the Medford School District, and the City itself. Spicer said the move will allow connections to grow even more.

“It’s a way to serve the city vision in a way that we’ve never been able to before, there’s so much visibility there, and it’s just a huge opportunity,” Spicer said.

Spicer said it’s not only an opportunity for Kid Time, but also the children it serves.

“There’s only about a third of our community that gets early learning services in this area, and we fill a lot of that gap, and so it’s important to be able to have that opportunity to be accessible to more families,” Spicer said. “We’ll be expanding our preschool, we’ll be adding more spots to that, ultimately we’ll be expanding the whole building.”

Spicer noted the move will likely be sometime in 2019.

“Our lease expires here in 2020, January of 2020, so we’ll be out before then,” Spicer said.

When kid time moves into the Carnegie Building, it’s expecting to add 12 preschool slots immediately.

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