Klamath Falls man launches ‘Active Buddys’ website

Klamath Falls, Ore. – A Klamath Falls man is making a big gamble on a project that could change the way you enjoy the outdoors.

The website is:  www.activebuddys.net

“It’s kind of like a dating site.”  Explains website owner Mike Wagner.  “Only it’s not a dating site.”

Wagner explains the site will allow people to link up with members in other areas, and even other countries that share the same interest in sports or hobbies…

“You’re lining up a date with a guy to go play golf, or to go rock climbing.”

A 62 year old retired trucker, Wagner explains the idea was the result of a lack of sleep…

“Insomnia.  It popped into my head about 14 months ago, and I haven’t been able to get it out.”

While the spelling of the site (‘Active Buddys’) may raise an English teacher’s hackles, Wagner says he’s targeting individuals, not teachers…

“Most of the time, you’re looking for one buddy.  And I thought, I’m looking for one buddy, that’s spelled b-u-d-d-y.”

Wagner has invested about 50 thousand dollars so far.

The site covers over 150 sports, and over 150 languages.

“I’d like a lot of people on there to be able to use this.”  Adds Wagner.  “Go to different places, meet new people, and enjoy what they like to do.”

Wagner hopes to make money by getting enough users to sell advertising on the site.

“If I can put Facebook out of business, I’ll be happy.”  Laughs Wagner.

Wagner just launched  www.activebuddys.net  last week, he’s already had 65 people register with the site.

Wagner adds that he’s working on a phone app.

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