Klamathon Fire forces early impromptu wedding

HORNBROOK, Calif. – The Klamathon Fire forced a California couple to rush through their wedding ceremony before being evacuated.

It wasn’t the fairytale ending that Ellie & Taylor Denney envisioned for their wedding. The couple, who have been together for nearly 5 years had made plans to wed at Ellie’s parents’ Hornbrook property Saturday. Hours before the wedding, the skies were clear and CAL FIRE stopped by the property to let the party know they would be safe, but to be prepared to move in case the winds change the fire’s direction.

And that’s exactly what happened. The Klamathon Fire came over the hills near the property they were on.

The couple and their wedding party quickly jumped into action. With Ellie’s dream to marry under an oak tree, they decided to say their vows on the spot, without most of their guests.

“As soon as we said ‘I do,’ CAL FIRE and CHP showed up and said we’re going now,” Taylor Denney said.

“When we started running, we saw the cabin across the river go up like a matchbox,” he continued.

Ellie said, “It was a very eerie feeling to be at a completely done wedding with no wedding guests and fire around.”

They were able to escape before the flames reached the property. They ended up meeting up with the more than 100 guests who missed the ceremony and held a second impromptu wedding outside the Yreka Holiday Inn Express.

“We did a vow renewal within 3 hours of being married,”  joked Ellie. “Most people wait 20 years.”

The couple made the best of the situation and held a last-minute reception at the hotel.

The Denneys’ plan on taking a honeymoon in January to Canada.

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