Large gathering for the 38th annual Hiroshima-Nagasaki Vigil


ASHLAND, Ore. – The 38th annual Hiroshima-Nagasaki Vigil was held in Ashland at the Thalden Pavilion on August 6th.

This year’s theme was planting peace where members of the community along with Hiroshima survivor Ideko Snider, honored and remembered those lost.

A tree was planted that organizers say represents new growth and a dedication to peace and nuclear nonproliferation.

“The tree behind us is a ginkgo Biloba Tree that I sprouted here at SOU six years ago, and is a direct descendant of one of the trees that survived the Hiroshima bombing,” said Mike Oxendine President of Oregon Community Trees.

Oxendine says the non-profit Oregon Community Trees worked with the Oregon Department of forestry to plant 50 of these trees in communities all over the state.

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