Looking for ways to stay in touch? Here’s how you can

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MEDFORD, Ore. — As many people find themselves isolated at home during the novel coronavirus outbreak, there are ways to remain in contact with family and friends. Several apps are available to help you share time with others in creative ways. Here are just a few of the popular choices:


FaceTime for Apple users

Facebook Messenger

Google Duo




Google Hangouts for groups

While social distancing is necessary during this pandemic, social isolation can be avoided. The National Institute on Aging says loneliness can lead to higher rates of depression and weaken health. To combat those tendencies during this unprecedented situation, people can find an activity they enjoy and gather via online platforms to share those mutual interests.

Volunteering is another way to combat social isolation. While volunteer opportunities may seem limited, search for ways to help others in your community from your own home: Write letters to people in nursing facilities, donate blood, offer to pick up groceries for those who can’t during this time.

Finally, get moving. The NIA states that exercise can decrease stress, which of course all of us can use a little less of right now.

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