McAloon Delayed 911 Call

A chilling account of the last moments of Ashley Long’s life… the 14 year old girl who died at a house party after inhaling helium.

Tonight her friends tell NBC-5 it took twenty minutes before paramedics were called.

14-year old Ashley Long died after inhaling helium last Saturday at this Alameda Street home. “Everyone was like let’s call the cops, but she said no I think she’s just passed out.”

Long and several other teens drank, smoked marijuana and inhaled helium from a tank–all while Katie McAloon looked on.

“I don’t think anyone knew you could die from it.”

16-year old Sophia Quintero was at the party.

“Katie didn’t really want to call the police.”

When Long fell off her chair, hitting her head, the adults splashed water on her and slapped her to try and wake her up.

As Long began losing color in her face they decided to call poison control.

“One of the guys took the phone to call outside, he came back in and said she’d be fine it was just an allergic reaction.”

Sophia’s 13-year old sister, who’s scared to show her face on camera because of the hazing she’s taking for being at the party when Ashley died, said it took 15 or 20 minutes for the group to finally convince Katherine, “Katie” McAloon to call the police.

“We all convinced her that we like really needed to call, and she was like okay, then we called.”

Before EMT’s arrived to help Ashley… the girls say McAloon began hiding the evidence of a party…

“She hid like all the stuff, the alcohol and everything, like before you know she called the cops. And the guys took off.”

By the time paramedics arrived there was little they could do… she was pronounced dead a short while later at Rogue Valley Medical Center.

Medford P-D says they are aware of the delay and it will be part of the investigation submitted to the D-A’s office.

McAloon is facing 7 counts of providing alcohol to a minor and 2 charges of delivery of marijuana.

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