Medford Methadone Clinic Told They Must Move

The City of Medford has given the Methadone Clinic on East Main Street an ultimatum — close or face legal action…

Right now, the Clinic — which treats over 500 recovering drug addicts — has 90 days to shut down operations and re-locate. The reason- they’re too close to a child care facility.

The Medford Methadone Clinic is located at 837 East Main Street.

Behind it, this residential neighborhood and a nearby day care center. …Neighbors we spoke with refused going on camera, all fearing retaliation if they spoke up. “We have some safety concerns.” says one anonymous neighbor.

She says there’s no question the area attracts loiterers…

“It has been a problem in the past.”

According to residents, the facility built an eight foot fence and hired security personnel, but there’s still complaints.

“The fence was broken down, people pushed through drug paraphernalia, condoms, things that go easily through a fence seem to wind up in our neighbors yards.”

On March 29th, city attorney Kevin McConnell sent the clinic a letter ordering it’s closure.

According to McConnell the clinic is in violation of Oregon Revised Statute 430.590: which states ‘a methadone clinic may not operate within 1000 feet of a licensed child care facility.’

The clinic’s original application to the city shows they are far enough away.

However, as measured by the city, that distance is only 897 feet.

And many neighbors say if it is in violation, they don’t mind it moving.

“I feel bad that they have to move in 90 days, and find another spot, but it’s good for us cause then we don’t have to deal with everything that comes with it.”

Some patients off camera say they don’t mind traveling elsewhere for methadone. At this point, the clinic is refraining from comment until they’ve had a chance to review their next steps.

According to city records, the methadone clinic has operated at the East Main Street location since 2008. The child care facility started in 2001.

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