Medford police issue warning for bicyclists on Greenway

Medford, Ore. — Medford Police are issuing a warning to cyclists, after they said someone strung fishing line across the Greenway, causing a bicyclist to crash.

Officers said it happened last week near the Railroad Park. The victim told MPD the line caused him to fall off his bike.

“When he was riding, it crossed his chest line, and caused him to crash on his bicycle, so he wanted us to be aware that this had happened, he was concerned that maybe there was other reports of that,” Corporal Becca Venables said.

So far, it’s the only report of this happening, but Cpl. Venables said it’s alarming.

“Certainly if it’s causing people to be injured on the bike path, it’s a concern of ours,” Cpl. Venables said. “So far it’s an isolated incident, possibly it was just someone messing around, possibly it was some kind of criminal mischief case.”

The cyclist wasn’t seriously hurt. Officers said no one else was around at the time of the crash, and there are no suspects.

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