Medford School District new back-to-school rules set to rollout

MEDFORD, Ore.– Sending thousands of kids back to school in the middle of a pandemic, is no easy task.

Most of the rules, like social distancing, washing your hands, requiring masks and staying home when you’re sick, will cover the entire district.

But Medford School District ‘s Natalie Hurd, says a mandatory health screening will also required before entering district buildings.

Hurd said, “We are going to be screening kids upon entry and there are going to be some more tighter protocols with pickup and drop-off.”

Some elementary schools will relax tardiness rules.

Students are also being urged to bring their own water bottles to school.

Lone Pine Elementary School, for example, says its drinking fountains in classrooms will be shut off.

It’ll be a new experience for families.

“I mean it is what it is. If its going to happen its going to happen,” said one MSD parent.

A district parent herself, Hurd empathizes.

Hurd said, “Its just a lot of information we understand it can be overload for folks.”

She said much of the plan will be based on the honor system.

In order to come back to school in person you need to be able to promise that you’ll wear a mask, that you’ll¬†maintain physical distancing, that you’ll wash your hands often, and that you will not come to school when sick

The district knows it will take time, and hopes families have patience.

“Where they’re little like mine, who’s six years old, they just look at the positives in everything,” said another parent.

Today was the final day Medford families can opt out of the districts hybrid model, and go to the Medford Online Academy.

MSD also sent a community agreement for all district families to sign.

The document commits those families to perform all the safety protocols, or else they could be reverted back to online schooling only.

More information on the school districts changes can be found below:

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