More Victims Step Forward in Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Against Josephine County

More names have been added to a complaint filed in federal court last year.

Now a total of four unnamed men are suing Josephine County alleging that officials kept quiet after the men–who were teens at the time–were sexually abused by a juvenile probation officer.

The original case was filed in back in October alleging the county had turned their back on the teens in the 1990’s allowing the alleged sexual abuse to continue.

The suit focuses on Raymond Luckey.

He worked as a probation officer for Josephine County for 15 years before killing himself in 1994.

Luckey is said to have used force, threats of further punishment in the juvenile system and threats to remove juveniles from their families in order to get compliance with his demands for sexual favors and silence the teens.

The file, also alleges that the county had a practice of allowing probation officers to self regulate their behavior.

The four men are now all in their thirties and looking for 6 million dollars in damages.

NBC 5 contacted officials in Josephine County anddid not want to comment on the latest lawsuit.

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