Mt. Shasta police officers, residents stunned by quadruple homicide confession

MT. SHASTA, Calif. – Roseville, California police say 53-year-old Shankar Hangud killed four people sometime in the last week.

He took one of the bodies to Mt. Shasta Monday, where police say he confessed to the crimes. The confession stunned not only veteran officers, but many in the tiny town of Mt. Shasta.

Now the quiet town is shocked that it’s making national headlines connected to a quadruple homicide.

“Nothing ever happens here. It’s a super sleepy little town,” Brittney Charlesworth, Mt. Shasta resident, said.

Just across the street from the Mt. Shasta police station, Charlesworth was working at Owen’s Pharmacy Monday when she saw an unusual amount of police activity. Soon police covered the suspect’s car with a tarp.

“Why would they have a tarp over it? There has to be a dead body in there or something,” Charlesworth said.

It turns out, she was right. The woman working the front office at the police station Monday says a nice looking man walked into the lobby with a concerned expression. When she asked how she could help, he said he was there to surrender. That’s when he admitted to killing four people.

“The sergeant and I go out to verify and sure enough, we found a body in the vehicle, cooperating with what the person in the lobby said,” Chief Parish Cross, Mt. Shasta Police Dept., said.

Chief Parish Cross has been in law enforcement 20 years and says he’s never seen anything like it.

“Sometimes we go through things that you can’t make up, so you know I was reserved at this point in time. I wasn’t going to pass judgement, but it was disbelief at that point until we verified it and then shock was probably the easiest term I could come up with. I just couldn’t believe it,” Chief Cross said.

Hangud was immediately taken into custody. Police in Placer County, came and picked up the suspect, returning him to Roseville, where the three other bodies were discovered.

Why Hangud chose to get off I-5 and confess in tiny Mt. Shasta is still a question both Chief Cross and Charlesworth are still asking.

“There’s just like, so many questions that are unanswered I think for a lot of people here,” Charlesworth said.

The investigation is still on going, but police in Roseville say the victims are two adults and two juveniles, who are all believed to be Hangud’s family members. Investigators are working to figure out a timeline and a motive.

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