NBC5 News obtains partial manifesto written by subject of nationwide manhunt

MEDFORD, Ore. – NBC5 News has exclusively confirmed a local tie to a national manhunt for a man accused of making threats that may involve President Donald Trump.

The name “Joseph Jakubowski” has been in national news for days.

Jakubowski is the focus of a manhunt. He’s accused of stealing an arsenal of weapons–18 in all–from a Wisconsin gun store and planning a horrific attack. Among the guns stolen was a fully automatic M-16, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The paper also reported Jakubowski threatened to use the guns to attack public officials or a school.

While police said he didn’t make a specific threat, he has been labeled as being “anti-government” and sent a rambling 161 page manifesto President Trump.

On Wednesday NBC5 News obtained an exclusive partial copy of a manifesto from a Grants Pass woman who claims she became friends with Jakubowski online.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin NBC station WTMJ-4 revealed a law enforcement official close to the investigation has confirmed to a reporter there that the pagers are an authentic portion of Jakubowski’s manifesto.

The law enforcement official cannot confirm it’s the same version Jakubowski sent to the President, as he may have written multiple versions.

Right now, the manifesto is in the hands of the Secret Service and the FBI.

NBC5 News is just starting to dig into the text of the manifesto pages we received.

As a safety precaution, until we know exactly what is said and whether any threats were made, we are choosing not to potentially threaten anyone’s safety by posting it online.

However, we will continue looking into this case–and the manifesto–and will update you on NBC5 News at 11 and throughout the day tomorrow.

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