Neighbors tear down anti-police sign

Central Point, Ore.- After a family’s pitbull-terrier mix was shot and killed by a Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputy family’s due it attacking the deputy and another man, its’ owners aren’t being shy about their feelings and, now, their neighbors aren’t either.

Their quiet neighborhood in Central Point now has a sign that speaks volumes. ”

“I would understand if it was a mad or sad Facebook post but putting up a big sign like I just feel like that’s crap,” neighbor Alexys Hines says.

The dogs owners are sharing how they feel with a large, wooden sign in their front yard. It actually started out as two signs but neighbor Hines changed that. She and her friend were walking by the house a few days ago. They saw one of the signs the dog owners put up. They tore it down.

Alexys Hines and her friend weren’t happy with what the sign had to say.

“It’s kind of sucky that the opening of our little turn is this house saying, ‘F the police,” Hines says.\

Hines didn’t know why the sign was put up but she says it doesn’t matter. She says it’s a peaceful neighborhood that’s family friendly.

And as a dog lover herself Hines says she understands how upset the dog owners must feel. But she thinks there’s a better way to express it.

“Have your own opinion but the way you put it out there is what matters.”

The sign doesn’t technically contain any profanity so there’s not much that can be done about it. NBC5 News asked the owners of the sign if they would like to tell their side of the story. They declined.

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