New ‘Fresh Start Detox’ center to open in Medford


Medford, Ore. – A new type of detox center will soon open in Medford in the William H. Moore building on Front street. Rogue Valley Fresh Start Detox is is a medically-monitored detox center that will help patients in their recovery by using medicine.

“A lot of substances are really difficult to come off of, or there’s a risk of actually death, so what we’re going to do is give medications to help patients through that withdrawal process,” Shawn Sills said, the Medical Director for the center.

Patients will need to be referred to the program by a doctor, and complete a medical assessment. They will also need to have a rehabilitation center lined up following the treatment.

Fresh Start Detox will have eight beds for patients, who will stay between two to seven days. The center is expected to open in November.


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