New future for the Medford Center

Medford, Ore — A new property owner for the Medford Center has big plans for the area.

The property changed hands earlier this month. Business owners they’re excited about the change and what it could bring to Medford.

The new Los Angeles based owners say they want to make this 30 acre property the hub of rogue valley entertainment.

Steve Cullan has owned the Medford Center Coldstone Creamery for nearly a decade and says the shopping Center has seen better days.

“The last six months we’ve seen some improvements, the years previous have been kind of tough times here, said Cullan.

That could change, now that Los Angeles based LBG Real Estate purchased the 30 acre shopping center. Cullan and other business owners see an opportunity for change.

“I know plans are in the works to improve the area, to increase security, improve lighting,” said Cullan.

Touching up some of the plaster thing, some fixtures that need to be fixed,” said Mark Pagan.

Pagan owns nature’s pet, he opened last April filling one of many vacancies in the Center.

“I like the area, I like the Center, I know quite a few people that work here, they come and do business with us,” said Pagan.

This is LBG’s first Oregon property. They tell NBC5 they want it to be more family friendly and improve on the 86-percent occupied space rate.

“I think new business is good for everyone, anything you can do to bring more people into the area ultimately does good for each of our businesses,” said Cullan.

For those who make their living at the Medford Center, that begins this month with a little holiday cheer. LBG is adding Christmas lights for the first time in five years.

“Just a little homey, a little warmth, a little friendly, nice feel,” said Pagan.

Leslie Lundin, the managing partner for LBG Real Estate says the first step to revitalizing the Center will begin in early 2015 with cleanup. Renovations will begin in the spring.

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