Non-profit offering cremain recovery for fire victims

MEDFORD, Ore. – For fire victims who lost their loved ones cremains, a team of archaeologists and K-9s are offering to find them at no-cost.

The Alta Heritage Foundation is a non-profit from the Bay Area. The all-volunteer team specializes in finding human cremains. Many of their volunteers have experience with search and rescue for high profile events like the Happy Camp Fire.

While there is no guarantee their team can find your loved ones, there is one thing you can do to increase your chances.

“It’s absolutely critical [to] not disturb the area. A lot of people will go into the area thinking they are going to find their urns, 99.99% of the urns are gone,” said Lynne Engelbert, associate with the non-profit.

The organization urges people to flag or tape off their property so no one disrupts the lot. The volunteers only search for human cremains, not animal ashes.

To sign up for the free service click HERE.

To donate to Alta Heritage Foundation click HERE.

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